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2019 Project Manager(s)

Dawn Donley

What Is Scrip?

Fundraising method where families buy gift cards (3 types) at face value and earn rebates back. 

  1. Physical gift cards: actual gift cards that can be used at retailer
  2. E-cards "Scripnow": virtual gift cards that appear in your account that can be scanned at the register, printed or emailed
  3. Reload cards: purchase a physical card from Scrip and reload the same card via Scripnow to replenish card balance 

***manage scrip cards in your Scrip Wallet 

How Does It Work?

Buy any physical gift card, e-card or reload a pre-purchased card from Scrip and receive 95% of the rebate back in your Booster account. 

Ex: Buy $100 Giant Eagle physical gift card for $100 and get $3.80 in your gym booster account. The higher the Scrip rebate, the more credit you get. Earn $592.80 annually if you spend $300/week in groceries and gas. 

Fundraise while you shop!

Sell to neighbors, family and friends! Or have them create their own account to give rebates back to your athlete. ***Add pickup location and athletes team in the 'Classroom/Teacher' box

Get Started!

Scrip offers rebates from over 700 retailers! 


WE Scrip Facebook Group